Story: A Reason to Dance with You

Art by SlashySlashy

[Rating M16][Romance][Police Procedural][Slice of Life]

Wow. This story nails so many things. It can be a challenge to write a scene and either rush it or not spend enough time developing it, but that is not the case here. The story is beautifully written, has a fantastic pace, and contains great dialog, all of which encapsulate our characters and draw us in wanting more. This is definitely one to keep your eye on!

One small note of warning, this story does touch on a few adult themes and will be going more in depth with them in the future. If you are not bothered by that, I highly recommend this story!

Author: OokamiNoRento

Description :
Bellweather’s been arrested. The case, as it seems, should be pretty cut and dry. But now, what is going to happen between the fox and the rabbit? He had no reason to hang out with a police officer, did he? And she, had no reason to interact with street hustlers. It is in the light of the flashing patrol cars that we begin, as we try to work our way to the answer of why Nicholas P. Wilde, hustler, becomes Constable Nicholas P. Wilde, an officer of the ZPD.

And. . . What happens when these two star-crossed friends spend every day, and every afternoon, enjoying one another’s company. . .

A Reason to Dance with You

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