Art of the Day #452

Zootopia 2: Training Day by Gulliver63
Source [1]

Who recognizes this movie…anyone? All we can say is if Judy thought Parking Duty was a rough gig for a rookie-cop, she has no idea how bad it can get. 

Ohhh, this is going to be painful to watch…so what say instead we go check out this week’s random collection of Zootopia Fanart. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Valentines Cuddling by foxefuel
Source [2]

Gundam Judy by Jupijitter
Source [3]

Hug by bearlovestiger13
Source [4]

Hopp Sketches by secoh2000
Source [5]

Nick Wilde – 2020 Rendition by secoh2000
Source [6]

Night time Routine by TechECoyote98
Source [7]

Judy Hopps by Tigerdude90
Source [8]

Nick Wilde Sleeping by TechECoyote98
Source [9]

Nick Wilde Prepares to Sleep by TechECoyote98
Source [10]

Gazelle mercy by Borotamago
Source [11]

FA – Finnick by SkadefroDane
Source [12]

Skating in a roof of some of a Zootopia mall by MurLik
Source [13]

Daily of Nick -8 by ThankU830309
Source [14]

BEASTOPIA – Epidose 3 – The WILDE Side by gato303co
Source [15]

Finnick by pervenche
Source [16]

Nick Wilde by Arfur90
Source [17]

Winter Fox by Nerton
Source [18]

Zistopia by nuzzo
Source [19]

Zootopia by zombieroomie
Source [20]

After Workout Judy Hopps by The Dev Kitten
Source [21]

Unclear of the Concept by ahiru621
Source [22]

Zootopia by siam bei
Source [23]

Nick and Judy by commanderdelta2468
Source [24]

Judy’s training by Dorianloves
Source [25]

Mayor Lionheart by Malika-Draws
Source [26]

Zootopia by siam bei
Source [27]

Zootopia by siam bei
Source [28]

Zootopia by siam bei
Source [29]

Zootopia by siam bei
Source [30]

Zootopia by siam bei
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