ZNN’s 4-Year Anniversary – Presenting the First Ever Timeline of the Zootopia Fandom!

Hey Zootopians!

I have been extraordinarily blessed being a part of this fandom and more so for being the current leader of ZNN. None of this would have been possible if not for the movie we all love here: Zootopia. I have met so many friends I wouldn’t have even come across in my lifetime if not for Zootopia. Got so many opportunities presented to me and even launched my own writing career that I’m pursuing that would not be possible if not for Zootopia.

That is my personal experience, but this movie has changed the direction of so many people’s lives and many aren’t even aware that it has. This date, March 31, is very important to us here at ZNN. It is the date it was founded and formed all these memories since. We decided to do something special to celebrate both Zootopia’s anniversary as well as ours. So let’s all take a trip down memory lane together as I hand off the rest of the article to the capable hands of Upplet!


Upplet here, taking the mic from DarkFlameWolf. Some of you may know me for my writing, and today I’m here to write something extra special for you. I wanted to begin by stating just how proud I am to see how far this fandom has come over the years. Every joy and every sorrow from the day the movie was first released to this very moment has helped shape this fandom into what it is today. Those of us who are still left tending the flame after all this time can attest to that, having witnessed this community grow, especially those of us who have been around since the fledgling days of the fandom, like Darkflamewolf and myself. Such a rich history deserves to be immortalized. And that’s where this timeline comes in.

In honor of the 4-year anniversary of ZNN, I was asked to manage the creation of the first ever comprehensive timeline of the Zootopia fandom! The timeline is split into two categories: community events and official events. The community section covers everything from art and stories, to dubs and animations – All qualifying as the most influential, popular, and notable creations and events that our community has to offer. The official section covers significant events related to the development and release of Zootopia, and other official content that came after.

For the community section of the timeline, given the massive amount of content this fandom has produced, it wasn’t easy picking and choosing what qualified as the most “historical” of the bunch, so we created a list of criteria to help narrow things down. As a group, we reached the following conclusions:

  • There would be no more than one feature per content creator, to prevent oversaturation.
  • There would be a maximum of ten stories and ten comics, to provide room for other features.
  • Each feature could only be featured once, to prevent the same piece of content from overfilling the timeline.

Based on that criteria, we managed to compile a list consisting of some of the most well-known and impactful creations and events that this community has to offer. Though it is far from all-inclusive, as there are countless other creations worthy of being featured that we wish we could have added, we’re still quite pleased with the result. A special thanks goes out to Forgotten-Fox for crafting the timeline itself, to all the members at ZNN that helped provide criteria and suggestions for it, and of course, to all the content creators that made filling out this timeline possible. It literally couldn’t have been done without any of you. May this project serve as a testament to the ingenuity, passion, and drive that makes this community what it is.

Without any further ado, I’m proud to present the first ever comprehensive timeline of the Zootopia fandom.



  1. You actually missed something in the official timeline
    Zootopia Event released for the game Kingdom Hearts Unchained Xchi (Now Union Across) from May 2nd to May 15th 2016 (WW Release) and April 11th to April 24th 2016 (JP Release).

      • That’s a good suggestion! We did our best to include as much as we could think of, but some things are bound to slip through. We’re still pleased with the results, though. Thanks for the input! 🙂

    • I’m the owner and founder, and still play a very active part in ZNN, but I’ve turned the actual management of the team over to DarkFlameWolf. She’s been doing a fantastic job this past year, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision!

  2. It’s been a long ride…fingers crossed the continued activity will eventually convince Disney that an official follow-up should be produced, but until then we rely on the fans.

  3. I never considered joining any kind of fandom until Zootopia came out. I’m very happy that I did, and this timeline and the people I’ve met within it makes me realize I should have done that earlier!

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