Comic: Clawhauser: Origins (by BorisBearr)


If Judy’s time at the Zootopia Police Academy made anything clear, it’s that while anybody can be anything in Zootopia, that doesn’t necessarily mean everybody has the chops for it. From climbing ice walls to braving dust storms and even boxing rhinos, becoming one of Zootopia’s finest is a gruelling process that only the fit and athletic can handle.

A reasonable standard, to be sure, but it does beg some interesting questions: If one Benjamin Clawhauser is part of the ZPD, then surely he had to pass the same course, right? And if he did, then what’s happened since then?

BorisBearr’s comic Clawhauser: Origins explores these questions, giving us a brief look at the history of our favorite cheetah in an attempt to uncover the mystery behind what caused him to go from the slim, fit officer who first joined the force to the jovial, albeit much more bulbous version we all know from the movie.

(Hint: It’s donuts. The answer is donuts.)

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