Comic: Nap Time (by Alps_Sarsis)


It’s pretty much a given at this point that many within the fandom ship our favourite fox and bunny. But what about those in Zootopia itself? Well, if anybody were to ship the S.S. WildeHopps, it’d probably be Clawhauser.

Alps_Sarsis shows us just how hard the lovable cheetah will ship those two when he and another officer catch them in a… let’s just call it a very adorable situation, and hilarity ensues. One thing is made very clear, you do NOT want to get between Clawhauser and WildeHopps!

Check the full comic out over on Reddit!


  1. I don’t even know why I continue to insist upon this, but the WILDEHOPPS’ title is TSMS, which stands for Twin Screw Motor Ship…but to each’s own.

  2. I could have sworn this one was up already. I remember doing a write-up asking Clawhauser why he ackin’ so cray-cray.

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