Return to Zootopia goes viral on reddit!

Well here’s a bit of a surprise from the weekend!  On Sunday, reddit user by the name of u/JohnnyH2000 posted a link to Browntable’s Return to Zootopia with the caption “A 17 year old guy spent 2 years writing, directing, animating, as-well as contributing his own voice acting to an entirely fan-made sequel to Zootopia” over on r/Videos.  At the time of writing, the post is currently at 18.8k upvotes, over 1,300 comments, and has been awarded Reddit Platinum, Gold, and Silver.  Overnight, the video got over 50,000 views, which is a pretty dramatic increase for something like this.

Congrats to Mauricio and the rest of Browntable Entertainment for the sudden virality!  What happens next is anyone’s guess, what with this being the internet and all, but if one of the most ambitious fan-projects ends up becoming a new meme, I wouldn’t really object to that.

Check out the original post over on reddit, and if you haven’t seen Return to Zootopia yet, you can check it out on Browntable’s Youtube Channel!

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