D23 Storyboarding Panel, with Josie Trinidad and Marc Smith!

“Do You Remember the First Time You Saw It?” by JohnMigle

Hey everyone, Cimar here with a bit different of an article than you’re used to seeing from me. Today’s article is actually about Storyboarding. That’s right! An article about art and an author authoring it. (try saying that ten times fast)

But yes! At D23 there was a special panel on Storyboarding by none other than Josie Trinidad (Head of Story on Zootopia) and Marc Smith (Director of Story on Frozen). These two offer an incredible amount of insight for burgeoning artists on how to plan out scenes, draw them, and really give all around good advice on a whole range of artistic designs.  Check it out!

Both Josie and Marc show examples of their own storyboards they developed for Zootopia, and Big Hero 6, respectively. This includes never before seen storyboards for a precursor to even the “Homesick Hopps” deleted scene we all know and love. They also detail just how many storyboards are cut, in order to make the final production of a movie. (hint hint…it’s a lot) I did miss filming Marc Smith’s Big Hero 6 storyboard section due to my hand starting to hurt, but the Q & A session I did capture, and is in a second video located here…

So there you go! I hope that these two videos from Josie and Marc, who have just been promoted to Directors at Disney, help out all you aspiring artists out there. I did get to speak with both of them after their Forum, both about drawing, their movies, as well as stories from the fandom. They are incredibly kind people, and offered more advice to artists specifically in the Zootopia community. Marc specifically stated a website, with its link, for artists who want to apply, to post their work for individual sections of the Walt Disney Animation Studios. LINK HERE

Both also wanted to wish everyone well, wanted to thank you for supporting the movies they created, and hope that your dreams can become reality.

And that is it for this article on the Storyboarding panel at D23 with Marc Smith and Josie Trinidad! I hope it has been interesting to read, some good videos to watch and learn from, and made for a better day. Take care, and I am out!

~Cimar of Turalis/WildeHopps