Art of the Day #390: Zootopia X Frozen

Zootopia&FROZENログ by セト
Source [1]

Greetings everyone, and welcome to this week’s Art of the Day collection.

Anyone who’s seen Zootopia knows that the movie contains not one but several ‘Easter Egg’ references to Frozen; the two young elephants dressed as Anna and Elsa (seen during Judy’s train-ride through Tundratown,) the bootleg copy of ‘Floatzen 2’ on Duke Weaselton’s dealer’s table, and of course the Dukester himself. (He not only shares a similar name with one of the Frozen characters, but also the same voice artist.)

And who can forget when Chief Bogo called Judy into his office and delivered this little gem?

And so today, in honor of the release of Frozen 2, we proudly present a gallery of Zootopia / Frozen crossover artwork. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Zootopia vs. Frozen at the box office:
the expectation.

When Zootopia Beats Frozen’s Box Office by maxiproductions
Source [2]

The reality

Still Number One by trashasaurusrex
Source [3]

Sorry folks, but at the end of the day, Frozen still grossed more money than Zootopia,

Elsa Rules by davidgilson
Source [4]

We continue with some images depticing Judy as Elsa

frozen_by_elsawhite2525-da5kcq3 by ElsaWhite2525
Source [5]

Elsa + Judy by 王二溴
Source [6]

judy_elsa_by_sketchyjackie-da350gy by SketchyJackie
Source [7]

Some more Elsa crossover images:

The Good….

Let it Goat by Esthershen
Source [8]

Skye as Elsa…perfect!

Skye as Elsa by trashasaurusrex
Source [9]

Nick and Skye as Anna and Elsa by trashasaurusrex
Source [10]

Fox Version of Elsa by trashasaurusrex
Source [11]

…The Bad…

Nick as Elsa by trashasaurusrex
Source [12]

Jack as Elsa by trashasaurusrex
Source [13]

….And The Ugly.

So…Let…It…Go by Giganaut
Source [14]

Now, let’s bring Anna into the picture.

Nick and Judy as Elsa and Anna

Judda and Nickla by tiningots
Source [15]

And Elsa and Anna as Nick and Judy

Zootopia by Frozen Sisters by ガガガ
Source [16]

I’m not sure who the Bunny playing Elsa is.

Judy Frozen by yasminoliveira534
Source [17]

How about…Mrs. Otterton as Anna and Elsa?  (This is taken from the cover of Duke Weaselton’s Floatzen 2 DVD.)

Floatzen by nyamo-nyamo
Source [18]

Judy as Anna

Anna Judy by tiningots
Source [19]

Judy with Anna

Frozen Hug by めーこ
Source [20]

Judy as Anna, with Clawhauser as Oaken, (the guy who ran the trading post where Anna met Kristoff.)

Clawhauser, ya betcha by tiningots
Source [21]

I have no idea who Bellwether is supposed to be here.

Bellwether, ya betcha by tiningots
Source [22]

Next up a trio of Duke Weselton / Duke Weaselton crossover pics.

Duke of Weaselton by Manual Artist search required!
Source [23]

102. Duke of Weaselton by nik159
Source [24]

Zootopia – Duke Weaselton (Inktober #26) by nik159
Source [25]

Nick as Hans;  There are several pics of him in this persona, which rather odd, when you think about it.  As someone recently pointed out on DeviantArt, Hans was actually the villain of the Frozen movie, a heartless opportunist who was nearly the polar opposite of Nick Wilde.

Hans Nick by @CharleyVirg
Source [26]

Nick as Hans again, this time with Judy as Anna

Nick Judy Frozen 2 by @rongsum
Source [27]


I should have let them just kill you by ky-jane
Source [28]

Okay, that’s better; Nick as Kristoff…with Judy again as Anna

Nick and Judy Frozen by catwings30
Source [29]

A recreation of Anna’s ‘death scene’ with Jack Savage as Elsa

Dying by trashasaurusrex
Source [30]

Frozen’s big four as Zootopia characters

Zootopia&FROZENログ by セト
Source [31]

Given the ubiquity of his character, it’s surprising how little Zootopia / Frozen fanart features Olaf The Snowman.

Nick Faceplants by rikuo-rikuo
Source [32]

What’s worse than being hugged by an annoying snowman?

Warm Hug, Angry Fox by Nyaasu
Source [33]

Having to become that annoying snowman!  (This is probably Finnick’s idea of Hell)

Frozen Pawpsicles by tiningots
Source [34]

We wrap things up with some random Zootopa X Frozen fanart.

Out of My League by trashasaurusrex
Source [35]

The Ottertons in Arendelle costume  (Or, would that be FURendelle?)

The Ottersens by loveapplemint
Source [36]

Witch by trashasaurusrex
Source [37]

Gentlemammal Nick by trashasaurusrex
Source [38]

Zootopai X Disney Princesses by @ThankU89121860
Source [39]

Chief Bogo can only hope that Nick never catches him at this, (especially if Mr. Wilde happens to have a phone-cam handy.)

Let it Bogo by artbirchly
Source [40]

Nick and Judy with young Anna and Elsa

Nick and Judy and Anna and Else by @ydk_disney
Source [41]

And finally…a pic for all you Zootopia fans that just hate, hate, HATE Frozen.

Elsa-Judy by malcolmbenjimanthomas
Source [42]

Until next time…here’s a bonus pic

Snow Princess Judy

Snow Princess Judy by yelnats
Source [43]


  1. I’ll be perfectly honest, the second-to-last amuses me the most…but at least the sequel coming up looks like it might just be more than the “meh” musical the first tried to be…

  2. Thanks for bringing ‘chief Bogo as Elsa picture’ again. For what ever reason, it always makes laugh extremely hard whenever it pops up in ZNN.

    • People either love or hate that picture; there is no middle ground. The reaction is either LOL!, or ‘My eyes! My EYES!”

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