Story: Fox Dens & Rabbit Trails: Rendez-Bleu


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By: Omnitrix 12

The latest in Omnitrix 12’s Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails series, Rendez-Bleu deepens the story of Nick and Judy in the FDRT world, plus a pair of OCs, Nick’s girlfriend Taelia and Judy’s childhood friend Shamus, who appears to be looking to become something more. One chapter in, but fans of the series thus far should have no trouble enjoying. ~YFWE


What do you get when Nick and Judy try to enjoy a day off with some old friends? Trouble! From Tundra Town to Sahara Square, an avalanche of chaos buries Zootopia’s top cops. Expect surf, snow, and fluff as these two and some memorable OCs try to make it through their downtime. A day at the beach this isn’t! Sequel to Santa Clawed and Christmas in Bunnyburrow.

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