Art of the Day #377: Beware the Nighthowlers

Savaged by Foxeus by Noxility
Source [1]

“Hate to disagree with you sir, but those aren’t onions; they’re a crocus varietal called Midnicampum Holicithias”
Judy Hopps to Chief Bogo

That was the first mention of Nighthowlers in Zootopia, the source of a toxin that caused 14-plus otherwise normal predators to go instantly and bizarrely savage. Later in the film, Judy, along with Nick Wilde, would have a close encounter with a victim of the savage flower, Mr. Big’s limo driver, Renato Manchas.   She would ultimately unravel the mystery thanks to a throwaway remark by her former nemesis, Gideon Grey. (“Now there’s a four-dollar word, Mr. H.  My family always just called them Nighthowlers.”)

So well realized was the concept of Nighthowlers that some Zootopia fans have even speculated as to whether something similar might actually exist.

And so today we present a collection of concept and fanart, dedicated to the to class-C botanical at the center of the savage predator crisis.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We open with a pair of concept art pieces, showing the Nighthowler blossom.  Originally, it was known simply as the ‘Mysterious Blue Flower.’

Mysterious Blue Flower 01 by Armand Serrano
Source [2]

Mysterious Blue Flower 02 by Armand Serrano
Source [3]

Here are two fanart pics, featuring Nighthowlers as part of the background.  Note how close they are to the original design

. Night Howlers . by Dark-Unik0rn
Source [4]

Judy And Nick by Inya-spring
Source [5]

More concept art, showing the Nighthowler dart pistol as imagined by two different Disney artists.  The final version was a hybrid of the two designs (specifically top pic, ‘C’, and bottom pic, second from the top).

Nighthowler Dart Gun I by Scott Watanabe by Scott Watanabe
Source [6]

Nighthowler Dart Gun II by Jim Martin
Source [7]

Where it all started.  Bonnie Hopps, attacked by Judy’s Uncle Terry when they were kids. The incident took place after he ate a Nighthowler blossom whole.

Night Howlers-they can even turn a bunny savage! by @bicharrac0
Source [8]

Judy and Nick’s first experience with the effect of Nighthowlers came when they trekked to the Rainforest District, in order to question Mr. Manchas — only to have the jaguar turn savage and attack them.

Manchas by Sadolen
Source [9]

Manchas’s in savage state by RomainBowen
Source [10]

Manchas himself suffered a similar fate at the paws of Emmitt Otterton.  Here he is paying a visit to the otter following their recovery from the effects of the Nighthowler serum.

Mr.Otterton? by Malika-Draws
Source [11]

Next we present a series of images showing Nick in the throes of Nighthowler poisoning.  (Of course in the movie, it was a all hustle, sweetheart.)

Savage 02 by LauraRamirez
Source [12]

Wrath of a Savage by WastedTimeEE
Source [13]

tumblr_o89chsfK8c1qlifaao1_1280 by isthatachallengecottontail
Source [14]

I like the torn shirt and pants in this one; gives Nick a really crazed appearance.

Nick Wilde the flesh eating mutant savage fox by Fairytalesartist
Source [15]

Feral Savage Nick by @stodoe
Source [16]

Q:  What’s worse than a fox gone savage?
A:  A fox gone savage with a GUN!

Savage 01 by TheWyvern’sWeaver
Source [17]

Savage Nick by Starfangsecrets
Source [18]

Two images from the Natural History Museum sequence.

Zootopia – Nick Wilde 5 by GiuseppeDiRosso
Source [19]

Savage by tory-the-fuzzball
Source [20]

Well, ya know what they say, turnabout is fair play; here’s some Savage Judy pics.

Going Savage – Judy Hopps by Bearmations
Source [21]

Savage Judy by StarfangsSecrets
Source [22]

Savage Bunny by Chill_13
Source [23]

The mastermind of the Nighthowler conspiracy, Dawn Bellwether.

Nighthowlers by Thecoolpeople
Source [24]

And her chemist-cum-sniper accomplice, Doug.  (I really like this pic.)

Breaking Baaad by DegaSpiv
Source [25]

Doug as Widowmaker by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [26]

Would we call this poetic justice?

Going Savage – Dawn Bellwether by Bearmations
Source [27]

Not this one for sure.

Going Savage – Gazelle by Bearmations
Source [28]

Nighthowlers figured prominently in the ‘Shock Collar’ version of Zootopia as well.  Here’s Nick, about to be darted with the toxin as part of a frame-up.  (The shooter is just visible in the upper right corner of the window.)

Nick About to be Darted by Matthias Lechner
Source [29]

The climactic scene from ‘Zistopia’.  Nick ‘goes savage’ on Judy again…but THIS time, in order to protect her.

Nick, You Went Savage Yet… by PizzaPupperRoni
Source [30]

Next, we come to the question, what if the mammals of Zootopia started dropping Nighthowler as a recreational drug?
(Before you laugh, a year ago, us humans were eating Tide Pods.)


Commission: Right to Remain Awoo by Muzz
Source [31]

And finally, who needs Nighthowler when ya got Grumpy Cat?

Watch Out! Savage! by Laura Ramirez
Source [32]

Until next time…