Art of the Day #373: Featured Artist – Qalcove

Hustled Kiss by Qalcove
Source [1]

Hello lovers of Zootopia, wherever you are.

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Qalcove, not only one of the best Zootopia fan-artists working today, but also one of the most prolific…and possibly the most versatile; there’s no artist I know of who can match her skills at showing Nick and Judy in such a wide range of situations…or in such a diversity of art styles.  And when it comes to stirring up emotions, Qalcove crushes it; she can tug at your heartstrings with one pic and tickle your funnybone with the next.

In addition to her solo artwork, Qalcove recently became involved with a new project, ‘The ZPD’, an upcoming ‘mockumentary’ miniseries centered on the Zootopia Police Department.  She also has her own Youtube and PicartoTV channels.

And so today, we proudly present an all-too-brief sample of Qalcove’s Zootopian artworks.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the artist some love by clicking on the source-links. (You might even want to check out her Patreon Page.)


We open, as always, with a collection of Judy Hopps pics .

Mayor Lionheart’s Arrest by Qalcove
Source [2]

Judy July Event: Jul 7th – Tanabata Bunny by Qalcove
Source [3]

Stranger in the Night by Qalcove
Source [4]

..and from there, into some images of Nick Wilde.

Summer Style by Qalcove
Source [5]

Nick Wilde, Chaos Theory Expert by Qalcove
Source [6]

Sweater Fox by Qalcove
Source [7]

Private Hanami by Qalcove
Source [8]

Cadet Wilde by Qalcove
Source [9]

“Hee!  And you call ME ‘Fluff.””
“Oh, go away, Carrots!”

Officer Fluff by Qalcove
Source [10]

Not exactly a solo pic…but close enough.

Black and Wilde by Qalcove
Source [11]

Next up, some images of Nick and Judy together.

We call these next three pics the ‘Buds Series.’

Buds by Qalcove
Source [12]

Best Buds by Qalcove
Source [13]

Silly Buds by Qalcove
Source [14]

Hopps! Wilde! by @QalcoveArt
Source [15]

Marine Day by Qalcove
Source [16]

Swiggity Floofy by Qalcove
Source [17]

Check out the next three images and you’ll see what we mean by ‘a diversity of art-styles.’  From realistic to impressionistic, and then to a caricature in 3 easy moves.

Tuckered Out by Qalcove
Source [18]

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Qalcove
Source [19]

Long Day by Qalcove
Source [20]

Tag-Along by Qalcove
Source [21]

It’d Still Be Nice to Have a Partner by Qalcove
Source [22]

Group pic, featuring Jack and Skye.

Practically Poor by Qalcove
Source [23]

A pair of illustrations from the story, ‘The Bridesmaid’s Dress.’

The Bridesmaid Dress and the Groom (3) by Qalcove
Source [24]

The Bridesmaid Dress and the Fox by Qalcove
Source [25]

…and two from Return to Zootopia.

Tell me If I’m Wrong (Return to Zootp[ia…Ep.3) by Qalcove
Source [26]

Just… Listen (Return to Zootopia, Ep. 3) by Qalcove
Source [27]

Yet another of Qalcove’s specialties is drawing feral versions of Nick and Judy, (and Company)

I especially like her portrayal of The Ottertons in this one.

A Few Little Characters by Qalcove
Source [28]

It’s You by Qalcove
Source [29]

And here’s some more artistic diversity.  If it it weren’t for the signatures, I’d never have known that the next two images were created by the same person.

Run Run, Runaway! by Qalcove
Source [30]

LT – Nice to Meet You, Miss Hopps by Qalcove
Source [31]

Unbelievable by Qalcove
Source [32]

How about a couple of crossover pics?

Space Madness by Qalcove
Source [33]

The Rainstorm and the River (Pocahontas Crossover) by Qalcove
Source [34]

We wrap things up with a quartet of holiday images.


Christmas Week — AllI want for Christmas by Qalcove
Source [35]

New Years.

Happy New Year From Savannah Central by Qalcove
Source [36]

Valentine’s Day.

For You! by Qalcovet
Source [37]

And Mother’s Day.

MothersDay by @QalcoveArt
Source [38]

And finally….
“You kids, quit grazing off my lawn!” 

Still Going Strong by Qalcove
Source [39]

Until next time…


  1. Is there anyone in the community who doesn’t know Qalcove? If so…shame on them.
    We’d all love a piece done by this artist, I’m sure.

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