Art of the Day #365: Hit the Beach – 2019

Beach Porsche by brokeguy21-blog
Source [1]

And hello again all you Zootopia fanart fanatics.

Over the past few months we’ve had practically an explosion of new beachfront-themed Zootopia artwork. Accordingly, we’re presenting a new collection of beach-themed Zootopia fanart, (together with some older images that didn’t make it into our last Hit The Beach collection.)

Enjoy….and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Cue the music, Mr. DeeJay…


We open with a gallery of swimsuit pics.

Judy on the beach by Detra
Source [2]

Unknown by @FtK_Artist
Source [3]

Judy models the official ZPD beach uniform

Judy’s Beach Patrol by Aelius
Source [4]

Carrots and Popsicle’s by yelnats
Source [5]

Zootopia – Judy’s Big Break by CottonCatTailToony
Source [6]

Oooo, she looks cute in that pose

Simply Judy by francesca-ictbs
Source [7]

…but don’t look now bunny-girl, it looks like you have some competition.

And that takes us into some swimsuit pics featuring some other members of the Zootopia gang.

Skye Beach Nap by kulkum
Source [8]

Here’s Gazelle in a swimsuit.

Private Beach Day by RandomChibiGirl
Source [9]

…and there’s  Chief Bggo

bogo on vacation by meatballsaucy
Source [10]

Hizzoner Mayor Lionheart in a pair of Jams. (I’m old enough to remember when they were first introduced.)

Beach drawings (LionHeart) by ThankU830309
Source [11]

And there’s Fru-Fru, (in the bowl with her dad.)

Beach drawings (Mr.B) by ThankU830309
Source [12]

How about a couple of pics with Judy modeling vintage beachwear?  This one has kind of a late-40’s look to it.

Beach Bunny by yelnatsdraws
Source [13]

Here she is with Nick in a 1930’s model swimsuit.

Nick and Judy Walking on the Beach by contix
Source [14]

 Three ‘contemporary’ Nick and Judy beachwear pics.

Summer time by 12-9
Source [15]

Beach Wear by Coffeegg
Source [16]

The beach is a great place to enjoy an ice-cold pawpsicle.

Spring Break Zootopia by GiftedLion by giftedlion
Source [17]

A Rabbit’s Vacation by rhieny
Source [18]

…or to just take in the ‘scenery.’  (I’m not so cure we want to know what’s going on in Nick’s head at the moment.)

On The Beach by Nick-Angel
Source [19]

A couple of images showing Nick and Judy heading out to the beach.

Wildly Hoppin’ Summer by rockhoppr-3
Source [20]

I’m personally part of the crowd that believes it would be biologically impossible for Nick and Judy to have children.
However, since the kid in this pic at least looks like a full-blooded fox, he could easily have been adopted.

Family going to the beach. by foxnickwylde
Source [21]

Jack and Skye arrive at the beach.  Why so serious, bunny?
(Ain’t it obvious?)

Beach fun by foxefuel
Source [22]

There’s so much to do at the beach…

F’rinstance, you can indulge in that fine, old tradition of burying you’re partner in the sand

Beach Days by yelnatsdraws
Source [23]

You can go swimming…

Happy marine Day by soranoiro
Source [24]

Zabbun by @takatmadisney
Source [25]

…you can go surfing…

Joyride – Beach Bunny by qalcove
Source [26]

Zootopia ’85 by fanartiguess
Source [27]

Surfing Time (Doodle 4) by link6432
Source [28]

…take a zipline tour…

Summer Adventure by Kanzenatsume
Source [29]

…play beachball…
(Looks like all they had left was ‘large-mammal’ size.)

vacations#2 by Happy-Dino
Source [30]

…or just take a stroll along the shoreline.

Beachwalk by @swetpot
Source [31]

You can have a squirtgun-fight…
(Go ahead, make her day!)

Summer Bun by fluttershythekind
Source [32]

…or just hang out on the sand all day.

Marine Day by qalcove
Source [33]

…or on into the evening, if that’s your fancy.

Beach Camping by fanartiguess
Source [34]

Or… IF you can qualify for escrow, you can get something from one of the vendor carts.

Awkward Vacation pt 3 aka Refreshments by FluttershytheKind by fluttershythekind
Source [35]

Awkward Vacation pt 5 aka Hunger Pains by fluttershythekind
Source [36]

And finally….

I don’t know about you folks, but it looks to me as if one of these teams has just a wee bit an unfair advantage. 

Vacations on the Beach for Zootopia Police Department by @LoboWupp
Source [37]

Until next time…