Zootopia / Kingdom Hearts Crossover Awards!

Many people are familiar with Kingdom Hearts, the popular action role-playing game filled with various Disney characters. Not as many people are familiar with the fact that Kingdom Hearts Union X contains some Zootopia memorabilia, including avatar costumes and medals tied to themed events! Believe it or not, the game featured the events (and subsequent Zootopia-themed rewards) once after the movie achieved its Oscar in early 2017, and again in 2018. I for one think that given the long-discussed shortage of actual Zootopia merchandise, it’s refreshing to see some here, if even in a digital form. Feel free to check out the images down below!


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  1. The flash medal is new. I doubt it’s possible to obtain traits for the medals though. And I missed it. Hope it comes around again or something. Really hate it when games do the one time event only thing. If it’s missed there is no way to get it ever.

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