Art of the Day #333

Judy Hopps by AndrejSKalin
Source [1]

Our featured image for today is another one of Andrej S Kalin’s marvelous 3D Trompe L’Œil pics. But don’t think that’s the only great image we have on tap for today’s random Zootopia fanart collection. Check out Fairytales Artist’s latest Victorian ZPD pics, and Gohkan 16’s hilarious Lost The Bet sketch.

And don’t forget to show them (and all the other artists) some love by clicking on the source links.

Nick Wilde And Judy Hopps by yoshiknight2
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Daddy,you’re here! by FredVegerano
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Zoonite: (Zootopia x Fornite) by link6432
Source [4]

Victorian Zootopia Mchorn by FairytalesArtist
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Victorian Zootopia Fangmeyer by FairytalesArtist
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Unknown by indigosketchbook
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Spicy Nick! by thebiggeewhizz
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Some trivia about Zootopia -2 by ThankU830309
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Some trivia about Zootopia -1 by ThankU830309
Source [10]

Predator or Prey – Disarmed by Mr. Punctual
Source [11]

Nick Judy Sleep by zigrock001
Source [12]

New officer by foxbeast
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Wouldn’t you just LOVE to know the story behind this pic?

Lost The Bet by gokhan 16
Source [14]

kiss by mistress-kagura
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Judy Hopps Campfire and Music by korasfw
Source [16]

Hurry up! by yasumo2t
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Go For Easter! by lupiarts
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Mysterious Easter Egg by knoton13
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Daily of TUbear , part.3 -10 by ThankU830309
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