Story: ‘Different’

Art by Takoto

[Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Crossover][Complete]

In “‘Different,'” Nick and Judy meet the Fox family — yeah, that’s their real name; after all, they’re the same as those from the “Fantastic Mr. Fox” film. This crossover explores Ash Fox’s frustration with his life due to his perceived differences from the world around him, especially his own family. But with the help of Nick, who can most certainly relate to the troubled young fox, Ash is able to get back on a path to stability. No need to be a fan of the original source material, either! ~YFWE

Author: J Shute Norway

Description :
Nick was always a mammal who struggled to open up about himself. Ash is an angry young fox who’s given up on everything. They never expected to meet each other, much less help each other. But in the city where anyone can be anything, fantastic things sometimes happen.

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