Special Art of the Day # 271: The Colors of Autumn

The Joy Of Autumn by The Winterbunny
Source [1]

Autumn, when the leaves turn to red and gold and the bright skies of summer give way to a mellower, velvety blue. T-shirts and shorts are exchanged for jackets and scarves as the days begin to shorten. Soda pop and iced tea make way for cocoa and coffee, and the scent of pumpkin spice tinges the air. Couples stroll beneath the trees, kicking up clouds of fallen leaves, or sit together, taking in the hues of the season.

And so today, in honor of the fall season, we present a collection Zootopia autumn fanart.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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We begin with a series of pics featuring Nick and Judy strolling together through the autumn foliage.

Walking in Autumn by soranoiro
Source [2]
He meant to do that.

Wonderfall by Lucky 13 Spirits
Source [3]
Wonderful use of perspective in this pic.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by qalcove
Source [4]

Autumn by Mitsuharu
Source [5]

Nick And Judy ready for Autumn by thedarkshadow
Source [6]
Sometimes, autumn is all business.

Here Be Dragons Podunk Forest by monoflax
Source [7]
And sometimes it isn’t.

November by @numairiaoi
Source [8]
Yes, Thanksgiving does take place in the fall.  
(Besides, this pic was too nice to leave out.)

Happy Thanksgiving, Zootopia! by RichardH
Source [9]
Sometimes in autumn, it’s best just to kick back and enjoy the scenery.
This looks almost like an illustration for a children’s book.

Akikaze by @ulako414
Source [10]
Sharing cocoa… and some other things

Fall by credensvita
Source [11]
Fall doesn’t stop just ’cause you’re working, y’know.

Zootopia Fall Day by zigrock001
Source [12]
Awwww, Nick looks so lonely without Judy

Autumnal Solitude by yitexity
Source [13]
There, that’s better.

Under the Sakura Tree by myrza289
Source [14]
MUCH better.

Autumn Blueberries by (Humphrey2520)
Source [15]
But eventually the leaves must fall, giving way to bare branches and the knowledge that winter will soon be here 

It’s all about them by murlik
Source [16]
How about an autumn crossover pic?

Judy and lola by imanuMouse
Source [17]
And a flashback.

When We Were young by apolar
Source [18]
And a fantasy pic.  (Sad, ain’t it?)

I Miss You… by yitexity
Source [19]
Nick channels Buster Keaton

Ink 1 DC Fall by sendraxmon
Source [20]
And now, a collection of artwork, featuring Nick and Judy showing off their fall fashions.

Fall hat by @kabe2mugi
Source [21]

Zoot – Autumn Judy by dante-m
Source [22]

Zoot – Autumn Nick by dante-m
Source [23]

Fall Themed Nicks by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [24]
Nick looks good in a flat cap, doesn’t he?

Nick in Autumn by 8-bitpunch by 8ibitpunch
Source [25]
The backwoods look.

No Name by rikuo-rikuo
Source [26]

Autumn Judy by lmeir
Source [27]
Scarves were meant for sharing.

Evolution by yelnats
Source [28]
In the autumn of their years.

Through time with you by Taterbunny
Source [29]
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