Art of the Day #239

Joyride – Beach Bunny by Qalcove
Source [1]

Aggggh, grrrr, I HATE it when a pic shows up that would have been perfect for a collection that’s already been posted. This gorgeous image of Judy shooting the curl (and the beach umbrella pic) would have been great for the Hit the Beach album.

Oh well, here they are anyway along with more random selections for your consideration.

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Summer Time Bun Time by yelnatsdraws
Source [2]
Below are a couple a B/W Expressionist studies of Chief Bogo and Mayor Lionheart.

Zootopia by Arniwaterfall
Source [3]

Zootopia by Arniwaterfall
Source [4]

New Wardrobe by zigrock001
Source [5]

Fun Modelling by hullalmiah
Source [6]

Nick Wilde by elsweth
Source [7]
Nick and Judy draw in the art style of Tiny Toon Adventures.

Wow, nice looks by Tardis99
Source [8]
I always wondered what his last name was.

Sunderance – Character Profile: Finnick Fleming by the wyvernsweaver
Source [9]
We really, really wanted to put together an Art of the Day collection to commemorate the World Cup, but there simply weren’t enough appropriate pics available.

Nick, Judy and Zabivaka by askalint
Source [10]
Same as above but with a background included.

Nick, Judy and Zabivaka (2.0) by askalin
Source [11]

Nick Wilde by lasicaarts
Source [12]

Nick Wilde by zidanemina
Source [13]

Nick Wilde by jade-viper
Source [14]

Nick Wilde by bleuxwolf
Source [15]

Nick by aloismorgan
Source [16]
“Please, please, not Slytherin.”

Hopps sorting by sassimus
Source [17]

Dr.Wilde by @yasiplay
Source [18]

Cosmic Love by the wyverswearver
Source [19]

Zootopia – Partners by Inkedaway
Source [20]
Remember that Skunk-Butt rug Nick sold to Mr. Big?

Skunk Butt Rug Revenge by Manual Artist search required!
Source [21]

Cheer by behemoth89
Source [22]
There’s only one thing I can say to this…LOL!

Zootopia – Nick’s other hustles by stealthcat 15
Source [23]


  1. Ei I always seen same art that already posted before..
    Are there's no art hunter crew on ZNN?
    Many talented artists or writers out there like knooton13, Denslife even my Sister, L. Rose..

  2. Got some really nice ones here. And concerning the lack of World Cup art, you could always just do a sports album. I always thought having more than one game clustered together was more interesting anyway.

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