Story: The Unlikely Heir

Art by yelnatsdraws

[Rating T13][Mystery][Friendship][AU][Sequel]

It's that time again to put on your thinking caps and pick up those magnifying glasses – that's right, Nicholas Wilde and Judith Hopps are back as Zootopia's elite crime-solving duo in another dazzling detective caper in WANMWAD's terrific Sherlock Holmes crossover series. Just like in the first story, you'll have to give meticulous attention to all the clues gathered to decrypt this puzzle along with our heroes before it's too late; the devil is in the details, after all, and time is of the essence to crack the case. Moreover, you'll be treated to yet even more history lessons by reading this story, the author employing the various aspects of the time period with such accuracy that you can't help but be impressed by how authentic this version of Zootopia is. And to top it all off, Wilde and Hopps' continually growing friendship ties everything together in a neat little package. Brilliant! ~DrummerMax64


Description :
In this sequel to "A Study in Gold," Dr. Hopps returns to Zootopia after Christmas 1881 and finds herself almost immediately caught up in another baffling case with her flatmate and friend, consulting detective Nicholas Wilde. After a mysterious and paranoid mammal sends a telegram begging for help, the two must put an end to a series of attempted murders before it's too late. Heavily inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories, but featuring an original mystery.

The Unlikely Heir
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Additional Tags: His name is Nicholas Wilde. It is his business to know what other mammals don’t know.