Story: Hungry Hearts

Art by KungFuFreak07

[Rating T13][Romance][Adventure][Crossover]

Love involving a zombie is a distinctly strange subgenre of romance, popularized recently by the part horror, part romantic comedy 2013 film “Warm Bodies.” So take the basic premise of that movie, slap it on to the universe of Zootopia, and you get “Hungry Hearts,” a fun and bizarrely endearing crossover that embraces its weirdness with gusto and is helmed by author Johnsoneer and two artists in the fandom, one of which, KungFuFreak07, was the person who originally came up with the idea for this crazy mash-up last year with a few pieces of fan art. This isn’t your standard WildeHopps fare, but hey, love can come in all forms, even between a brave bunny and an undead fox. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Johnsoneer

Description :
It’s not easy being dead. In a post-apocalyptic nightmare that once was the shining city of Zootopia, walking corpses fill the streets and they are hungry for brains. One of these nightmarish creatures is a fox who, like the others, is always hungry. But after years of walking the decrepit streets of the city, he finds himself bored and perhaps a little lonely. When a living bunny stumbles into his life, his whole world will change.

Hungry Hearts
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