Art of the Day #201

gazelle by SmellyVampireBoy
Source [1]

Who’s up for a little art deco? Here we have a wallpaper motif featuring Gazelle and her four tigers. (Makes a nice desktop, wouldn’t you say?)

Hold onto your tails, folks, ’cause here comes another random art selection for your enjoyment. And be sure to show the artists some appreciation by clicking on the picture sources

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Future Judy by SilentRisingSun
Source [2]

I Thought it Wouldn’t Work by FeverWildeHopps
Source [3]

Cafe Au by Lucky13spirits
Source [4]

On Break by spritermx
Source [5]

Blueberry Field 4Evah by trashasaurusrex
Source [6]

1200 by p0_Master
Source [7]

Farmer Judy by antanariva
Source [8]

Stress relief01  by @ulako414
Source [9]

Stress Relief02  by @ulako414
Source [10]

Stress Relief 3 by @ulako414
Source [11]

38 by @miroukitsu
Source [12]

BIG Smile  by Kurokuma824
Source [13]

Cafe AU by Lucky13spirits
Source [14]

Unaccording To Plan  by FeverWildeHopps
Source [15]

Fallen by gokhan16
Source [16]

Love doesn’t grow old  by Ziegelzeig
Source [17]

I’m a big fan by Weischede
Source [18]

Savage Moments by Jeffk38uk
Source [20]

Gazelle is: Nova Prime by HyenaTig
Source [21]

Judy Hopps by arekuart
Source [22]

Have a berry by 品
Source [23]

Rainforest District  by Kenket
Source [24]

That would have me also scratched my head by askalin
Source [25]

Thank You by @srmy_nkjd7
Source [26]


  1. No. 10: At first, I though Judy was hambone-ing and Nick found it amusing. But then I saw No. 11. Ok, now I get it. 🙂

    No. 16: Kind of looks like Limbo.

    No. 18: I would think she'd be freaked out by his nudity.

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