Story: Incidental Matters

Art by Bones333

[Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Romance][Sequel]

Picking up several months after the events of “Partners,” “Incidental Matters” provides readers with another invigorating adventure for our rabbit and fox, this time a string of violent attacks that must be stopped at all costs. The danger is just as real as it was before, and while Nick and Judy are dealing with this case, they also have to bear a perilous social climate that doesn’t fully agree with their newfound relationship, where all it would take is a single spark to ignite another powder keg of terror and unrest in the city. A tightly written, immersive sequel that successfully matches the quality of its amazing predecessor. ~DrummerMax64

Author: SkyeLansing

Description :
Following the second outbreak of savage mammals perpetrated by a fox going by the name of Flip, the city of Zootopia has struggled to come to grips with the interspecies tensions the crisis provoked. Now, just when it appeared that things were beginning to calm down, comes an outbreak of brutal assaults and murders that has left the ZPD scrambling to contain the violence.

Incidental Matters

Additional Tags: Getting to the root of the matter.

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  1. Only found out about the last one after it had already been completed; much happier to be following this one along as it's updated. Great potential, and already some excitement in what's posted.

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