Zootopia Oscar Poster Parodies are back!

I’m sure there’s already a fic of this ship out there somewhere…

It’s Oscar season once again!  Time to see which movies from this year are considered to be the best of the best, according to a bunch of actors and filmmakers in Hollywood.  And in what is becoming one of my favorite annual traditions, Disney has some more posters For Your Consideration!

Oh My Disney is here to fill your movie posters with tons of puns!  They’ve done this last year and the year before, but it’s still a surprise what they actually come up with.  It’s always a blast, so let’s dig into them, shall we?

Check them out over on Oh My Disney, and after the break!


  1. I almost feel like this is the only thing Zootopia will ever be referenced or remembered for, aside from just overcoming prejudice and some good ole' WildeHopps. Never mind plushies (especially Build-a-Bear plushies), Disney theme park attractions, Disney on Ice shows, or a playable Kingdom Hearts world (at least after Kingdom Hearts 3, if not in it). It's all about them Oscar posters.

    Plus, there aren't that many of them this year, and there weren't that many of the ones from last year, either.

    • I should, at the very least, be grateful and stupidly lucky that I have Zootopia News Network, though. The website shows that there are still people out there willing to keep the memory of Zootopia alive, even when Disney and its more mainstream audience wouldn't.

      Plus, Oh My Disney isn't really that good a source for Zootopia-related news. It's mostly just everything else EXCEPT Zootopia, and even then focuses on either Disney princesses, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars. It doesn't even acknowledge how much of a significant threat Bellwether posed upon revealing herself as the surprise villain, because it would rather focus on Snow White's Evil Queen, Maleficent, Ursula, Scar, Jafar, Hades, Cruella De Ville, Judge Frollo, Gaston, and so on!

      Which means that if I want Zootopia-related news at all, I just go to ZNN. OMD is just Disney in-general, whereas this website specifically is all about that Zootopia, and thus the only place I want to go to for possible news of Zootopia merch, theme park attractions, Disney on Ice shows, a playable Kingdom Hearts world, and so on.

  2. And now you just know that somebody's going to write a Bellwether/Bogo story. Well, I believe a good enough writer can make any ship work, but that'll take some stretching.

    • Why not just Chief Bogo and Clawhauser, considering it's the second most popular ship behind WildeHopps?

      And why the Hell would anyone want to romance a surprise villain like Bellwether? She drugged predators with night howlers just to turn her own people against them, as a way to feed off of their fear and hatred as their mayor. That's like romantically shipping Minnie Mouse with Julius from "Runaway Brain": Why would she want to romance that thing, when he's an out-of-control monster who took over Mickey Mouse's body, the same way Bellwether almost did Nick with her night howlers?

    • Right, my bad.

      Who knows? A Zootopia 2 or TV spin-off might even give Bellwether a redemption arc! Disney was never really known for redeeming its own main-villains, but because of the likelihood Frozen's Hans is going to be redeemed, as well as Te Fiti eventually being redeemed herself by Moana, we're more than likely gonna get a similar redemption arc for Bellwether.

      And while we're at it, why not give Yokai/Callaghan a redemption arc in the Big Hero 6 cartoon series on Disney XD, as well? And, if any time Wreck-It Ralph 2 reveals that King Candy/Turbo somehow survived the events of the first movie, he might get a redemption arc, too.

    • The, uh, the movie parodied is about a romance between a deaf janitor and the Creature from the Black Lagoon that somehow manages to be Oscar bait, so, uh, I think somebody could make it work.

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