Wreck-It Ralph 2 Debuts 1st Trailer

Yeah, yeah, not Zootopia. Hear us out.

This November (Nov. 21, to be precise), Walt Disney Animation Studios is back in the feature film game with Wreck-It Ralph 2 (or Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, if you’re not a fan of brevity), the studio’s first theatrical release since Moana. And on Wednesday (Feb. 28), the debut trailer for the upcoming movie was revealed.

Why might you care? Well, Wreck-It Ralph 2 marks the return to the director’s chair for Rich Moore, who co-directed Zootopia with Byron Howard. He helms the project with Phil Johnston, who assisted with the screenplay and story for the original before being bumped up to co-director with Moore on the sequel. Johnston also, of course, co-wrote… wait for it… Zootopia!

Additionally, Clark Spencer returns as producer for the sequel, a role he also held on this one movie with talking animals, maybe you’ve heard of it. Alan Tudyk’s in it, too, but then again, it’s getting to the point where if he wasn’t in a Disney movie, we’d worry.

So, like, you get it. Kind of a kindred spirit sort of movie.

One of the more talked-about sequences in the two-minute trailer comes toward the end, when Ralph and Vanellope decide to play a tablet game in which the objective is to feed pancakes to a rabbit and milkshakes to a cat. It’s, uh… well, we’ll let this picture from Tumblr user Msitubeatz take it away.

Check out the trailer after the break! And hey, now that this movie’s closer than ever to release, maybe Mr. Moore can get to work on a sequel of a slightly different animal? Eh? Ehhhhhh?


  1. I just wish Judy Hoops and Nick Wilde got the same treatment as the rabbit, being stuffed and fattened with pancakes to bursting. Maybe even inflating their bellies with compressed air or water?

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