Story: Zoorangers

Art by SlagarCruel

[Rating T13][Adventure][Sci-Fi][Crossover]

Zoorangers is a whirlwind tour of giant robot fights, time-travel, space trains, animal-puns, pop culture references, monsters with nutty catchphrases, meta humor, and a dash of Wildehopps sprinkled in for good measure!

Oh and there’s a Magnet Ninja.

That’s right … Magnet …. Ninja …. With a space in the middle.

Magnet Ninja.

This fic is goofy as hell, ludicrous, is practically a parody of itself, and I love it! I had no end of fun reading this because it’s so wonderfully bonkers. I found myself quite literally laughing out loud at some twist or joke.

Bionichute clearly adores Super Sentai and Power Rangers, and it shows in how lovingly they adhere to the show’s tone – they adore the stupid catchphrases, ridiculous attacks, formulaic episodes, rubber costumes, trope-filled plots … the whole nine yards. And the author clearly knows it’s ridiculous and silly, what with how often Nick or Judy points that out to each other MST3K style. But Bionichute loves it anyway, and you can’t help but get caught up in the craziness and love it too!

And despite all the wackiness, the fic manages to have some surprisingly poignant moments sprinkled in, not to mention a lot of fascinating world-building. It’s a stellar read, but a long one – over 700,000 words as of publishing. But don’t be intimidated: each chapter is structured like an episode, self-contained and easy to digest.

So even if you’ve never seen the show, you owe it to yourself to check Zoorangers out! It’s one of the most unique and wonderful fics in the fandom, and I can’t recommend it enough. ~Bummer

Author: Bionichute

Description :
When a group of mysterious creatures start wreaking havoc across Zootopia, Nick and Judy find themselves thrust into a legacy of heroes they never knew about, and must use new powers in order to save not only the city, but their whole universe. Features numbers of characters from across Super Sentai history.

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Additional Tags: This fic should win an award just for featuring a fight between Judy and a gun-robot who talks like Yosemite Sam