Story: Undercurrents

Art by hollarity

[Rating M16][Romance][Drama][Incomplete]

A good story and a killer soundtrack combine forces with “Undercurrents,” written by The Cubist. No, this isn’t something akin to the interweaving of music into something like “Baby Driver” per se, but the author provides a collection of songs meant to complement each scene of the multi-chapter fanfic — and boy, are they great picks! And even if you’d rather just read, get ready for a lovely tale of Nick and Judy’s wooing of each other, from realization on forward. It’s a beaut. ~YFWE

Author: The Cubist

Description :
Sometimes, the hidden currents, the ones that stream by below, far out of sight, are so very much stronger than the waves breaking in the air above. A narrowly scoped, intimate Wildehopps fanfic about love, self-doubt, and catharsis.


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