Story: Fox in the Bunnyhouse

Art by theblueberrycarrots

[Rating T13][Fluff][Family][Drama][AU]

Years of police training and helping raise her younger brothers and sisters couldn’t have fully prepared Judy for this new challenge that came barreling into her life: becoming a parent for a baby fox. BookWorm07 takes this appealing premise for an AU and turns it into something truly special, crafting a marvelous tale of love, child-rearing, and staying strong in the face of a bigoted society. The story itself has no shortage of ‘d’aww’-worthy moments, but as little Robin grows up, the discrimination becomes more and more apparent, each instance of it causing a stab to both his heart and yours. And with the onset of the Night Howler conspiracy, things are about to get real interesting for Judy, Robin and Nick. ~DrummerMax64

Author: BookWorm07

Description :
Judy never meets Nick on that fateful day at Jumbeaux’s ice cream parlor. In fact, she doesn’t meet him until much later. However, her life still ended up getting turned upside down. It seems Nick isn’t the only fox who managed to get into her heart.

Fox in the Bunnyhouse

Additional Tags: Robin is such a cute little stinker!


  1. Definitely a story worth reading and an interesting AU. Everything is leading to a key moment in the story and can't wait for it to happen!

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