Art of the Day #179

Last doodle from my latest sketchbook by jessiedrawz
Source [1]

Hi, everyone! Chris here!

There are a few times where some artworks are stored in the deepest parts of the fandom and never get the light of the day. But we make sure we reveal them to the public soon or later, like this one.

Now, let’s give us a moment to shine in this new Artwork of the Day. Enjoy!

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Yax by Zerda-Fox
Source [2]

In order to overcome fear! by ThankU830309
Source [3]

[Title Unknown] by ajie-g-sketchbook
Source [4]

#3 by Tham
Source [5]

[Title Unknown] by ajie-g-sketchbook
Source [6]

Hooded noodle by zfqfmib
Source [7]

! WELCOME NICK ¡ by axel-ken231
Source [8]

Toot Toot y’self, mofo by LiliFox
Source [9]

保護者席 by @uochandayo
Source [10]

Chief Bogo by tonhawk
Source [11]

Zootokia by Sniffur
Source [12]

The only thing you have to fear by jojo97moonlight
Source [13]

Happy Easter! by LiliFox
Source [14]

Baby Elephant by Elephant
Source [15]

January 16h – Cynthia’s Birthday by AoiRem2816
Source [16]

Disney – Request for Zootopia020 by EnvyQ00
Source [17]

welcome to Raccoon City by Tatujapa
Source [18]

You’re welcome by Holly2001
Source [19]

お題「足跡」 by @ulako414
Source [20]

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