Story: Zootopia: File #2

Art by Empressimperia

[Rating T13][Mystery][Adventure][Humor][Incomplete]

If you’re a fan of Zootopia fanfics that feel like a logical, fully formed sequel to the original film that captures the spirit of its predecessor and doesn’t feel like a stretch to be adapted for the big screen should the opportunity arise, well, give “Zootopia: File #2” a serious whirl. Kicking off with a newsbulletin-esque rundown of the events following the film up to then, the story hits the ground running with a mysterious new villain targeting the city — and this time, Gazelle is caught in the crossfire. Oh, and if you wish Benjamin Clawhauser got a little more screentime in the film, fret not, because everyone’s favorite portly cheetah takes on a starring role as his connections to one of Zootopia’s famed families comes to light. Good luck putting this one down once you get started. ~YFWE

Author: Empressimperia

Description :
Mysteries get mistier in this sequel to the hit movie Zootopia. What starts as a calamity at the Greener Grass Mall becomes a race against time to stop a budding terrorist group with Zootopia’s most famous celebrity in their sights. Judy and Nick’s second big case leads them to the infamous Casel family… a family bearing a dark history with the ZPD’s front desk officer.

Zootopia: File #2
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