Story: Nicky

Art by Shadeink

[Rating T13][Drama][Family][Tragedy][Complete]

If I could adequately sum up this short story in one word, it’d be bittersweet. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because what Ayb Abtu manages to do with “Nicky” is quite impressive, taking readers on an intensely personal journey in such a modest amount of words. It’d be prudent to have a box of tissues at the ready, especially for readers who can intimately relate with Nick’s plight. A strong, downright affecting work of coping with loss and finding closure when times are rough. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Ayb Abtu

Description :
The reason behind some of Nick’s past, unintentionally fished out of him by an overly annoyed rabbit.


Additional Tags: Don’t you forget about me.

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  1. These types of stories are always a challenge. It's a poignant, heart-felt and extremely well-crafted story dealing with Nick's relationship with his mother yet it also unfortunately (or in this case fortunately) conflicts sharply with the director's extended canon that reveals that Mrs. Wilde is alive and well and still living in the apartment Nick grew up in. Thus relegating it to an AU interpretation. Still a great story though.

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