Story: By My Side

Art by TheWinterBunny

[Rating T13][Romance][Crime][Drama][Angst]

It can be argued that the best kind of life is one lived together, one that can be experienced with the company and happiness of another, so why not chronicle that experience? That’s what Nick and Judy intend to do in “By My Side,” an offbeat yet charming love story whose creativeness will hook you right off the bat. With Dancing Lunar Wolves’s assured direction and smart sense of humor, the journey promises to be a memorable one. And if these first couple of chapters are any indication, the story will have WildeHopps romance in spades. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Dancing Lunar Wolves

Description :
Judy and Nick have been growing the bonds of their friendship daily. As their lives become perilous for being renowned citizens of the city, Judy proposes that they record their journey, and Nick realizes how close they’re becoming just from writing a journal together. Will their partnership hold the thin blue line? And can the story of two friends change the fate of Zootopia?

By My Side
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