Art of the Day #163

Zootopia – Vampires Flashmob by Weischede
Source [1]

Christopher here!

It may not be Halloween (only until some months later), but am I the only one who thinks that Nick Wilde, Clawhauser, Gideon Grey, Finnick and Duke Weaselton looks way better with these Vampire costumes? Well at least Duke, cause this makes him more intimidating in my opinion.

But for now, here’s one more round of Artworks!

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ジャック・サベージまとめ by 泡
Source [2]

Flapper Judy by yelnatsdraws
Source [3]

Smoking Don by fey-j
Source [4]

OTTERTON by joesanchez
Source [5]

“Come here” by Darkanine121212
Source [6]

zootopia wrestlers request by Darya07
Source [7]

Mr. Wilde by ekoi1995
Source [8]

Judy Hopps – Zootopia by Coffeegg
Source [9]

Snuggle Buddy by yelnatsdraws
Source [10]

Judy 2 by Bones333
Source [11]

Rip-Roaring Heist! by JackOrJohn
Source [12]

Dusk till dawn by Bones333
Source [13]

Judy hugging Nick – Zootopia by FoxKenway
Source [16]

Foolin Around by artbirchly
Source [15]

Jack Savage Dressing (or Undressing?) by AoiRem2816
Source [17]

Forbidden Love: an Umbra Rabbit and a Lumen Fox by OceanSummoner13
Source [18]

Nick by tee-kyrin
Source [19]

Tease by Wulf_Wargan
Source [20]

Nick Wilde by Atnitx
Source [21]