Story: Anatopism: An Alternate Universe Story

Art by N4ii

[Rating T13][Drama][Sci-Fi]

Wew, this is an expansive one. A strange storm has dropped hundreds of humans into Zootopia, complete with new, animal bodies. It’s no fish out of water story, though. Conspiracies abound about the origin of the storm as the refugees, as they’re come to be known, struggle to adapt to their new lives. Aaron Ledbetter, a former combat medic, sets his sights on the only thing he can think of: joining the ZPD to get to the bottom of things. ~Mordecai

Author: CobaltLion

Description :
Judy, Nick and the ZPD investigate a violent storm that is opening portals around they city and dropping confused, potentially insane mammals all over the place. When they find one of the survivors, a lion named Aaron Ledbetter they help him to rediscover who and where he is, and rally with the other Portal Refugees to combat a growing conspiracy that has followed them.

Anatopism: An Alternate Universe Story
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Additional Tags: Aaron lucked out with the lion body. Imagine becoming a sloth.