Rich Moore hints at something coming?

Yesterday, Rich Moore broke out of the Wreck-It-Ralph Room where Disney has been holding him for months and tweeted something that has the Zootopia fandom abuzz.

Both comments are very vague.  What does Basil mean by “I miss Zootopia being popular”?  What does Rich mean by “This is only temporary”?  Is it hinting at something Zootopia-related from Disney in the coming year?  How long is “temporary”?

I’ll be honest, I have no answers.  But, it’s enough to get people speculating, and that in and of itself is worth discussing.  What sort of Zootopia content would you like to see from Disney?  More Merch?  A short film?  Comics?  Games?  Leave your thoughts on this down in the comments!  Who knows, maybe someone at Disney will take notice…


  1. A TV show is the worst thing that could ever happen to Zootopia. None of the voice actors have time to be voicing their characters for multiple hours/days per week. Jason Bateman's even directing his own Netflix series right now and would have no time. They'd have to recast all new voice actors. That would ruin everything and throw it all out of balance. Nobody else could play Nick other than Jason Bateman (Except maybe George Clooney there's no way he'd have time to do that)

    • getting actors back for more movies is never a shore thing and if you get good voice actors then you can't tell the difference.

    • Last I checked, Jason Bateman wasn't the only cast member of the film. He and Idris probably wouldn't be able to come back for a series but I think Ginnifer, Nate, J.K., Alan, Maurice, Tiny Lister, etc. would have time to come back

  2. I still think they could do a very good TV series about Larry and Gary deciding to follow in the pawsteps of the ZPD's first fox and rabbit officers and enter the Zootopia Police Academy under the auspicious leadership of Major Friedkin. "Howling on a stakeout? YOU'RE DEAD, WUFWUF!!" Imagine 'Gomer Pyle, USMC' in deep blue instead of olive drab.

  3. Best case scenario: Zootopia Cinematic Universe (ala the current superhero craze), complete with merchandise, games, and a section of a Disney park.
    I mean, it wouldn't be ENTIRELY unrealistic. Disney's doing that sort of thing with Marvel and Star Wars… Heck, they tried something similar with James Cameron's mediocre "Avatar" (to lukewarm reception). Surely Zootopia would be a better candidate than Avatar. It has wider potential as a "universe", and it feels more "Disney" than that other movie. Plus, they already have the Jack Savage concept they could still work in (and later turn into an Avengers-esque team-up).
    …I can dream, can't I? XD

  4. I don't really want a TV series. A short or two would be nice, followed by a full-fledged sequel. And I do, of course, want more merchandise. I also want a Telltale style point-and-click adventure game with a good original story and all the original voice actors. Yeah, I know. I don't want much, do I? 🙂

  5. TV show 3d or 2d as long as the 2d is of Atlantes or treasure planet quality. from a money and time point i think 2d would be better then 3d you look at the "how to train your dragon" TV show and the 3d got better by the end but the quality was nothing like the movies. With Disney's models the move to lower quality wont work because of all that fur the render times would be crazy for each ep.

  6. You know what would really throw everyone for a loop … Disney secretly working on Zootopia 2 and suddenly announcing it at random. Sadly that's highly unlikely. I would like to see a short film though and certainly more merch.

  7. I would be glad for some more merch thats for sure, even though i doubt that it gets to my country, since we are still being avalanched by a frozen stuff.

    Also, i am not so keen on TV series, simply becouse, it most of the times just doesnt work, makes sense and kinda undermines the movie (looking at you, HTTYD).

    So another movie would be perfect, I would rather wait 2-3 years for good product, then half baked TV trope.

    • Dont count on a movie before 2020. Even if they had a script in hand and full resources from Disney ready to go as soon as Zootopia was released it wouldn't be until christmas 2018 you would get a film. Add in time to write a script to give to executives and get approved and then being put into the production que to wait for full resources and then producing it a summer 2021 release seems more likely. Hey Frozen took five years (although that was to revitalize the Merch line).

      It does have tons of potential to be better than the first, imagine if the story that was made was the original and not written on the fly as animation was taking place. Thats why the only explaination to why Nick stays in the movie is an incompetant HR department at the ZPD, if Hopps ever had access to the police system then Nick is no longer necessary. The deleted scene where hopps uses a computer to find Nick had to be cut despite almost being completed since it would open a massive plot hole right after Mystic Springs. Technically she could have gone to the DMV herself, and dealing with the Night Howlers at the end without telling the ZPD? thats what happens when you have to write an almost entirely new script while having only a year to finish the movie. with everything that happened the fact we got a movie at all let alone a good one is nothing short of a miracle

  8. I have to disagree with the people hating on the HTTYD TV series; some episodes could have done without but for the kind of time frame and budget a series has to work with it is phenomenally done and continues the story…you don't like it, you're really one of the few otherwise it wouldn't still be continuing as it is.
    Back to Zootopia: we all want to see a sequel, but in the meantime if it's done right a TV series could work especially if it has focuses on other characters so that it's a world-builder. Merchandise would be lovely, maybe some official and decent shirts and such available in more than just little kid sizes…

  9. I highly doubt he mean television series. You guys have to think. But i know what he mean with the quote. Merchandise maybe. But its more on what the movie is about. Find the clues and soon youll decifer the meaning of his words

    • Probably so. Until then let the past of zootopia remain at large.(Id look back on the past because. It gets you thinking on what happened before. Did we actually NOT exist or is it just their belief we didnt. A bit tricky you know)

  10. If Big Hero 6 is getting a TV show, it's not unfathomable for Zootopia to get one too, but for me, I want Zootopia books, like graphic novels, or art books, showing off more of the characters and city itself. I really like the character designs and the city architecture, for me more books would be nice.

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