The Secret Behind Zootopia and Disneyland (by KMACK TIME)

We’ve seen many theories going around about the possibilities of a Zootopia addition to Disney’s famous theme parks.  However, before all of the evidence for all of that, another theory was floating around…

Would Disney consider re-working Splash Mountain to have a Zootopia theme, rather than Song of the South?  They do both have important scenes with waterfalls, and anthropomorphic animals, after all.

KMACK TIME, you’re asking the important questions!  Check out his theory on Zootopia and Disney Parks after the break!


  1. That would be a smart move for Disney, but I doubt it was part of their original plan to follow the movie. But then, I still doubt they had expected the movie to do even half as well as it did.

  2. It's possible they will plan something. I would guess we would see a park reskin when the second movie rolls around just as they did with the tower of terror and GOTG Vol 2 (which was dumb IMO cus the TOT was a very popular ride and even though people aren't as connected to the twilight zone series as they were back in the day it still had its charm)

    • Didn't even know TOT was themed for TZ, I thought it was just it's own thing… (I do coasters, not those drop rides tho, so I only ever got as close as the aerosmith ride nearby)

    • For us ancient curmudgeons, TOT held MANY hidden treasures to hunt for. Props and references to lots of episodes were scattered through the lobby line. Yeah, I'm sorry to see it gone, but thanks to several websites, it will never be forgotten.

  3. It would certainly be fitting for them to replace a Song of the South theme with Zootopia, because of the social themes. It would also impress me to no end if in the sequel, it somehow turned out Judy was related to Brer Rabbit, and Nick to Brer Fox.

    Song of the South as a movie (1946) is a piece of history that should not be forgotten. Not just as animation history, for combining live-action with animation, but also as a snapshot of a time in America when a few Civil War veterans were still alive, America and the USSR had just defeated Nazi Germany and split the remains down the middle, and the South was racist as ever.

    Showing a time before Zootopia's egalitarian ideals would be fascinating; time travel might be a possibility, for the hijinks they could get up to. Jump forward ala BTTF2, and we could even glimpse the collar dystopia from the original plot!

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