Story: A Thing or Two About Being a Jerk

Art by: Unichrome-uni

[Rating K9][Hurt/Comfort][Redemption][Forgiveness][One-Shot]

Gideon Grey seeks amends for his malicious deeds as a kit in this brief tale of redemption and reconciliation. Gideon is endearingly written as a foil to his younger self, a mild-mannered, beginner entrepreneur who makes new friends from past adversaries, and the story itself — a quick read at just over 10,000 words — deftly fills in blanks in the film, providing a glimpse into the catalyst of the Hopps’ partnership with Gideon and his eventual apology to Judy. Feel-good every which way. – YFWE

Author: Cloperella

Description :
It’s been more than fifteen years since Gideon Grey saw Judy Hopps; fifteen years since he pushed her face into the ground and told her she was just a stupid, carrot-farming, dumb bunny. All grown up, Gideon carries the guilt of his abusive past in his heart, and it’s weighed down heavy on him for such a long time. When Judy’s parents walk into his new pastry shop one day, he’s presented with a chance to atone for what he did to Judy and clear his guilty conscience. But is the Hopps family willing to let go of the past and look at the fox in a new light?

A Thing or Two About Being a Jerk
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