Story: Grief’s Reunion

Art by: Ziegelzeig

[Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Family][Complete]

A stark imagining of a world where Judy and Nick break apart and live separate lives with different families for many years before reconciling in the face of tragedy — and how they reconnect as a result. Written from multiple points of view and perspectives both internal and external, “Grief’s Reunion” is a stellar foray into long-simmering heartache and the road to recovery. – YFWE

Author: gistech

Description :
It has been fifteen years since Nick left Zootopia and he’s never looked back, but he is forced to confront his past when news reaches him that his mother is dying. How will he react when he learns of the son he thought was never going to be born? And can he mend his relationship with Judy?

Grief’s Reunion
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Additional Tags: Single mothers, absent fathers

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