Story: A World All Her Own

Art by: chumpyuno

[Rating T13][Drama][Sci-Fi][Humor][Complete]

The “human in Zootopia” subgenre has a bit of a bad rep to be sure, to the point that ZNN is especially cautious about featuring them. But there are exceptions to the norm and this brilliant story is one of them. This isn’t merely wish fulfillment, but a thorough examination of how each of these two worlds see the other, with plenty of laughs and tears along the way. Definitely check it out if you want to see this kind of thing done right! – Berserker88

Author: Toga

Description :
A research team stumbles upon the find of a lifetime.

A World All Her Own

Additional Tags: It’s really more like “Zootopia in human” anyway


  1. Bopped over and tried this out. Pretty good. definitely a different take on things, quite enjoyable. Even leaves you having feels for the humans! Give it a try! Stubat

  2. Funny you should feature this. I remember stumbling on it in February 2017 then forgetting about it before finishing it a few weeks ago. It is indeed a rare breed of story. I've always loved games that tell stories through logs and recordings, and this story is very similar to that in some ways. I enjoyed the unique narration.

    • Scientists, supercolliders, portals? Only one way that can end.

      Not to imply that doctor Howard didn't do the right thing, but… there will no doubt be… unforeseen consequences…

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