Story: The Strongest Bonds

Art By: Quirky Middle-Child

[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Humor][Suspense][Complete]

A terrific mix of romantic fluff, intense thrills and stimulating police work, all revolving around a new case that Nick and Judy are entangled in that will test their resolve and love for one another. Blenderguy15 does an exceptional job of making the chemistry between them feel authentic and endearing, their interactions being one of the main highlights of this story. In addition, the villain they have to contend with is a fierce, dastardly foe whose goal is to wreak havoc on the city by proving that prey and predator cannot coexist together peacefully. It’s up to our duo to prove them wrong in this awesome tale that will leave you delighted in the sweet moments, anxious in the more menacing ones, and eager to check out the sequel! ~ DrummerMax64

Author: Blenderguy15

Description :
No one thought it could happen: a bunny and a fox tying the knot together. No one thought that someone would try to continue Bellwether’s work, either. Now, two years after the Night Howler Case, newlyweds Nick and Judy are posed against a new threat that’s willing to do whatever it takes to tear them and the city apart.

The Strongest Bonds
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Additional Tags: What would it take to sever them?


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