Art of the Day #107- Happy Birthday Judy! (Mega AOTD!)

Change Starts With You by FluttershytheKind
Source [1]

Today, May 22nd, is Ginnifer Goodwin’s Birthday!

To celebrate, we have 75 fantastic pictures of Judy Hopps!  The best bunny should have the best birthday, after all!

Get your art after the break, and wish Ginnifer a Happy Birthday over on Twitter!

hop by KaibaGal by KaibaGal
Source [2]

Judy Hopps by Namwhan-K
Source [3]

[Title Unknown] by chezlizz
Source [4]

ホップスさん by U-min by U-min(うーみん)
Source [5]

ホップスさん by U-min by U-min(うーみん)
Source [6]

[Title Unknown] by のんた
Source [7]

This is Fine by S-Dash
Source [8]

Detective Hopps by bullpoopsniperrifle
Source [9]

Hopps by Hunternif
Source [10]

Judy by Roxandasher
Source [11]

Judge Judy by myf-inggodimtrash
Source [12]

Zootopia: Carrot Farmer by Dari-Dari
Source [13]

Zootopia Judy Hopps fanart with colorpencil by KR-Dipark
Source [14]

Judy Hopps Fashion Sketch by minamorsart
Source [15]

[Title Unknown] by 野良いぬ
Source [16]

[Title Unknown] by さぶ。
Source [17]

[Title Unknown] by カトーテートク
Source [18]

Judy Another Day in the Office by freedomthai
Source [19]

Judy by myrza289
Source [20]

[Title Unknown] by ヴォルぺ
Source [21]

Judy from Zootopia! by orcaowlart
Source [22]

[Title Unknown] by achakura
Source [23]

[Title Unknown] by げぼ
Source [24]

[Title Unknown] by one-bound
Source [25]

Painting Practice- Judy by Teoft
Source [26]

Box Office Billion by nilladriel
Source [27]

Text flirting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♥ by namrii
Source [28]

[Title Unknown] by peramaple-art
Source [29]

Zootopia by latex
Source [30]

Judy Hopps (sketches) by Epic-Starzz
Source [31]

ズートピア警察 by @mofom11
Source [32]

Can you help me, please? by Sirzi
Source [33]

I Implore You… Try by VampireSelene13
Source [34]

Young Judy by Farbaktivist
Source [35]

2016.1.1~8.7までの詰め合わせ by まおさん(すあま)
Source [36]

[Title Unknown] by @Nanax775
Source [37]

ジュディ by 濃霧
Source [38]

ジュディ by ゆきはら
Source [39]

“I can fix it!” by trashasaurusrex
Source [40]

Inspector Judy Hopps by TheLivingShadow
Source [41]

ろぐ by さいん
Source [42]

ジュディ by モフ
Source [43]

ずとぴあまとめ by なかゆび はてな
Source [44]

ジュディ by ハレ
Source [45]

ztpろぐ by ささみ
Source [46]

ズートピアXファインディング・ニモ by ACHAKURA
Source [47]

pink-shirt juuuudy by roxandasher
Source [48]

Judy Hopps by UnknownArtist
Source [49]

Judy Hoops by UnknownArtist
Source [50]

夢破れ都会からの出戻りで無理に笑顔のジュディ by コロゾー
Source [51]

今までのズトピ全まとめ by neko壺
Source [52]

ズートピア まとめ by UnknownArtist
Source [53]

Twitterまとめ① by みけさん
Source [54]

Cute Judy by IneedtostopNOW
Source [55]

Judy Hopps by inkOrange
Source [56]

Judy Hopps by cofibreak
Source [57]

Well, I know a thing or two about being a jerk… by ruaidri
Source [58]

Judy by UnknownArtist
Source [59]

Zootopia x Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) by IttyBittyKittyTittys
Source [60]

Bad Hopp by FluttershytheKind
Source [61]

Zootopia 19 by Shinyfurry
Source [62]

I saw human judy(fanart). She looks very cute!! by rikuta
Source [63]

I saw human judy(fanart). She looks very cute!! by rikuta
Source [64]

Judy Hopps ( Zootopia) by goldensphinx101
Source [65]

Judy Hopps by Zookz25
Source [66]

Judy Hopss… by juanomorfo
Source [67]

Judy Hopps by davefluffy
Source [68]

Judy Hopps by sertaa
Source [69]

Judy Hopps drawing by PokerMetal180
Source [70]

Pressed for Time by saffronpanther
Source [71]

Ilustracin digital zootopia fanart by mobiusrecycled
Source [72]

IQ Judy by piepon
Source [73]

Judy by sillysmartandsuper
Source [74]

[Title Unknown] by judiazootopialove
Source [75]


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