ZNN Needs YOUR Help!

Art by Sendrax

ZNN has been going for quite some time.  Almost 10 months, in fact.  In that time, we’ve brought you hundreds of fanfics, comics, and thousands of pieces of art.  We’ve covered all of the major milestones in Zootopia’s release, and every time someone makes a new animation or music video, we’ve done our best to share it with you as soon as possible.

But, as I’m sure some of you have noticed, we’ve hit a bit of a rut.  The posts we do are practically the same thing every day.  Story updates, Art of the Day, Comic, Video, Fanfic, Translated Comic… so on and so forth.

We want to keep bringing you the content you want.  We want you to be excited to visit ZNN every day.  We want to keep this little website of ours running well into the future, even after the hype surrounding Zootopia has died down.

So, to that end, we’re opening up a feedback form so that we can hear what YOU want to see from ZNN!  Whatever you like about our site, whatever you don’t like, how we promote content, where we can improve… we want to hear it all!  Especially if you have any ideas for new sorts of posts we can make!

The form is completely anonymous, so feel free to speak your mind openly and candidly!

Give us your feedback HERE!

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


  1. I think that this is awesome as it is. But if possible, maybe a weekly section where you post how different artists draw their characters? To me, that is pretty neat!

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