Story: Contrasts

Art by Jeinu

[Rating T13][Romance][Hurt/Comfort][Fluff]

Have you ever wondered what exactly went on between the scenes in the film? If so, then this is the story for you! Follow Nick and Judy’s wild and crazy adventure again, only this time find out the complete narrative. This highly creative story proficiently fills in those missing gaps and provides further insight into the developing relationship between our two heroes. The end result is an incredibly entertaining work packed with fun, humor, and sweet romance. The author has big plans for this once the plot extends beyond the movie, so this is a story you should definitely keep an eye on. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Tarienn

Description :
Takes place during the movie, between the scenes. Nick has thought about Judy everyday since the day they met, although it may have started negative, that slowly starts to change. What happened after the press conference? And what happened while Nick was in the Academy? What about Nick’s past with Mr. Big? Let’s take a look at all the unanswered questions. Gratuitous fluff and WildeHopps! But also some crime drama.

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Additional Tags: Experience the movie that wasn’t in the movie!