Zootopia wins The Critic’s Choice Awards, Top 3 Film Fandoms of Tumblr, and more awards!

A lot of news has happened this past week, including, I don’t know, ZOOTOPIA WINNING BEST ANIMATED FEATURE AT THE CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS!

This is absolutely incredible.  Zootopia is a phenomenal movie, but there were so many animated movies this year, it could have easily faced some stiff competition.  But nope, it’s still getting awards left, right, and center!  Everyone, including the DFW Film Critics, appears to have Zootopia in its top spot for Best Animated Film!

This movie is unique.  It’s one of those rare films that, despite being in development for years, comes out at the exact perfect time to have the strongest message.  2016 has been a year of divisiveness and drama, but Zootopia brought us together.  It captured our hearts and told us that yeah, people can be really awful to each other.  People mess up.  Sometimes their mistakes have ramifications that affect whole populations.  But as long as we keep moving forward, keep trying to make the world a better place, no matter how bad things get we can pull through.  It gave us a stunning demonstration of what forgiveness truly looks like.  And that’s a message that resonated with us.

A community grew up around this film, and is still growing.  So much so, that when Tumblr put together its metric data for the most active movie fandoms of the year, we came in at #2.


You guys are incredible.  And together, we can make the world a better place for everyone, despite our flaws and mistakes.

Try everything.

-Andy Lagopus

P.S. Check out Rich Moore and Byron Howard accepting the Critics Choice Award after the break!



  1. All this, and disney funds Frozen 2!?!?… Yet Zootopia beat Frozen… And both movies added a new Disney Princess to the ever-growing collection (Yes, I saw Judy at the Princess meet and greet). Excuse me, It seems Got delayed on my way to the stock exchange… I need to go, time is running out to invest in ZOOTOPIA 2 before it hits too big. (It is almost inevitable at this point)!!!

    • To be fair, funding for Frozen 2 had been allocated before Zootopia came in from left field and whacked Frozen's weekend record. And proceeded to whop the Box Office before the plug was pulled prematurely (because Disney had, unwisely, scheduled the DVD Release too soon after theatrical release).

      So, yeah, Disney will want to 'make up' for their mis-strategy by allocating funds for the Zootopia franchise. They just had to milk a billion-dollar movie as much as possible.

    • To be fair to the executives who made that decision, almost every movie that undergoes such a major story overhaul so late in development tends to do poorly. Zootopia is the exception.

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