Merch Review – Disney Infinity Judy & Nick Figures

Surrika Tunnah here!  This time I have a review of the Disney Infinity Zootopia figures!

Now, these are just a review of the figures as aesthetic- This will not touch on what they do in game.  I actually don’t have any clue how they play because even though they were released, they are not available to play as on PC.  And with the studio shut down, I doubt they ever will be now.

Such a shame.

But, if you want to read about how the figures look and work purely as figurines, well, I’ll catch you after the break!

First up, we will take a look at Nick Wilde.  Disney Infinity figures have always had a reputation of looking nice, and this time is no exception. It’s one of the few figures that have captured his smarmy, cocksure expression without him just looking like he is stoned. The painting is beautifully done.  really I can’t say a single bad thing about this figure.

A lot of the detail is in the mold itself, rather than the painting.  For example there are little etched out sections of the mold to simulate fur and to make him look, well…like he has fur. This happens at the side of each cheek and at the elbows.

Another location where it is more prevalent is his “Cute fuzzy wuzzy little tail.”  It makes the tail look busy, as an actual tail would look, instead of just a cylindrical bit of plastic.

The shirt is an excellent example of using the mold well.  The leaf floral leaf patterns on his shirt are very thin indentations, rather than simply painted on.  What’s interesting about this is even though the floral design are imprinted and painted the same color as the rest of the shirt, the shadows caused by the indentations cause them to appear darker due to lighting and thus a darker shade of green. Very clever design! And it saves them some paint, so kudos to them for that!

They earn major brownie points with me sue to the fact that they have given the underside of Nicks feet paw pads! I know a bit weird to draw attention to it, but no other figure actually does. Not even the Limited Edition Tomy action figures!  Excellent attention to detail!

Believe it or not, they released concept art of how Nicks Infinity figure was going to look before the entire film removed the shock collars.  It’s almost identical, except there’s the shock collar molded around his neck.  I wonder if there are any prototypes of this model…

Judy’s figure also changed a bit.  The hair fluff looks better in 2D than 3D in my opinion.  Also, what’s that insignia on her arm?  I don’t think we’ve seen it anywhere else.

With Nick fully reviewed, it’s time to move onto everyone’s favorite rabbit, Officer Judy Hopps!

The Judy Hopps figure does not disappoint in terms of the detailing either, but the the most obvious detail which I can not ignore is what she is holding. Which is her what used to be “Standard Issue Tranquilizer gun”. This is obviously not in the final film, but it’s interesting that they kept it with her design.

The pose is confusing when paired with her expression.  Her stance implies action, and the way she is holding her dart gun implies she’s about to get into a firefight. Yet her expression is friendly and playful. The two don’t really go hand in hand. But that could just be a personal critique rather than something actually wrong with the figure.

[Andy Lagopus butting in for a moment- I like to imagine she’s just about to start chasing a bad guy, and is looking at Nick excitedly, as if to say “Come on partner, let’s go get ’em!”.  That could just be me, though.]

Judy’s figure again like the Nick figure, all the detailing is done via the mold rather than the painting. There is more painting detail on Judy than Nick when you take into account the knee-pads, belt buckle, equipment and badge.

One flaw in the Judy figure though is the fact that just below her “Cute fuzzy wu-” Darn it I already did that joke,  tail you can see an obvious seam-line where it shows how they made her figure.  It seems they molded her top half separate to her bottom half, and then seamed the two segments together, leaving a very fine line that they have failed to cover-up entirely.

All in all, the figure is a pleasing addition to any shelf, just like all of the Disney Infinity figures.

Out of the two, I have to say I prefer the Nick one, Sorry Judy but your pose coupled with your expression freaks me out a bit to much. It’s like she’s looking forward to shooting someone with that thing!

[She probably is]

You can get the Disney infinity figures in super-markets, toy stores and game retailers.  You can also get them from Amazon by following this link for Nick Wilde and this link for Judy Hopps.

This is your friendly neighborhood meerkat Surrika, signing out!  See you at the next review!


  1. I have both and have played both of them (PS4). For those who want to know, Judy has one of the highest jump skills (when maxed out) of other non-force/non-flying characters. She does this Chun-li like bicycle kick for her 'ranged' ability with basic melee attacks for close combat. Her special is a tranq gun skill (still not sure why they chose that to be honest) will put any enemy to sleep for a bit or until they are attacked, but it takes time (and purple orbs) to recharge making it not very useful when surrounded. I love Judy but her character could have used some work in game.

    Nick, however, seems to have gotten the better in-game abilities. His weapon is that giant pawpsicle from the movie. He can swing it around and even throw it like a very large boomerang. It also leaves a trail of melted juice around him as he leaves. His special ability is he summons a mini-Ele-Finnick that also has a smaller scale pawpsicle and will fight along side Nick for a short time.

    A little bonus is that if you buy the Zootopia Power Disks, you can modify the two characters with them. Judy gets her Meter Maid outfit, and Nick gets a police uniform along with a Sahara Square land and sky theme disk (it's a four pack, not random like the other ones).

    There are more details but I haven't played it for a while, that was just what I remember off the top of my head for any who are curious about the in-game aspects of them. Despite the studio shutting down, you can still buy the console edition and the figures and play them indefinitely, you just won't be able to download player created items soon (I forget when they shut down the community page).

  2. It's a real shame they never capitalized on the film by creating a playset for Zootopia. Finding Dory got one before the film even came out.

  3. Yeah I know. They announced the closure during the development of the Finding Dory set which is why it was the last one. I would have loved for a Zootopia themed one. Now, Disney said that they will not be making their own games anymore, however, they will still have Disney games, just they would rather sell their licences to established companies instead. I am hoping that eventually Disney and Lego expand their partnership to create Zootopia Lego sets, and by extension, Zootopia sets for Lego Dimensions.

    • I'd buy a Traveller's Tales-produced LEGO Zootopia game! They proved with the LEGO Marvel series and LEGO LOTR they can do open worlds really well, and they are likely to be able tog et the cast in to record new dialogue for it.

      As for who would make a good non-LEGO Zootopia game… I'm not sure. I wouldn't recommend EA developers – just look at what they're doing to Star Wars – but I'm a little tired now so I can't really imagine who COULD do it. If Insomniac got their Spider-Man game done right, I'd suggest them for sure. From screenshots they've made their open-world New York look really good.

    • You know who I'd want to see a Zootopia game from? Telltale Games. From Minecraft to Walking Dead and everything in between, they could pull it off. An open world game like Bethesda does as well would be amazing, but I doubt they would do anything with a Disney licence.

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