1,500,000 Pageviews!

BIG Thanks to Danny Grey for this!  It’s awesome!

— Updated 25. Oct. 16 01:00 AM —

Holy cow!  1 Million, 500 Thousand pageviews, and counting!  This is incredible!

Thank you all so much to everyone who made this possible: specifically, YOU!  Yes you!  Reading this right now!  Hi!  Thank you for supporting ZNN!  We wouldn’t be here without you!

This deserves something special, don’t you think?  Tell you what- if there’s anything I promised to do, but forgot about, leave a comment to remind me and I will get right on it!  Seriously, my memory isn’t the best…

Also, some news about ZNN:

We’ve added a few new people to the team, so I will be doing a “Meet the Peeps” sort of post in the next couple of days here.  This kinda snuck up on me, so I’ll have that for you all soon!

Next, we have migrated to the “City of Zootopia”-Discord server!  We will still be active on the /r/Zootopia Server, but most of our Staff can be found on “City of Zootopia”. Click that link over in the top right of the page, and introduce yourself in there!  (Or you can click here, if you don’t feel like looking at the sidebar)

Finally, if you would like to support us financially, please do us a favor and turn off your adblock- we’re working with Project Wonderful to bring you ads that you’d actually like, and that don’t contain any malware.  And if you have a thing of your own you’d like to advertise, feel free to bid on the space!  Or, you could pledge a little bit on our Patreon page!  Every little bit helps, after all.

Again, thank you all so, so much!  On to 2 Million!

Update: We apologize to the /r/Zootopia server and our readers. Our initial post was worded poorly. Some of the Staff could not agree with how the server is run, yet a lot of moderators are actually working for or with ZNN in some capacity.


  1. Woohoo! I knew this would happen soon! To the entire team: You all are amazing! And I thank you all so dearly for making this extraordinary website! To show off some amazing artwork, some incredible fanfiction stories and some upcoming events on this wonderful movie we all adore must be insanely tough. Your hard work will pay off and trust me when I say that without this site, Zootopia would probably die down or the hype would not still be at it's peak. So thank you all so very much for this site!
    -With much love, L.J.
    P.S I did want to recommend something worth putting on the site but I'll show it in Discord.

  2. Let's bust out the scorpsicles! 😀 I am so happy you guys took me on as a reviewer of the merch 🙂 I will have more review for you guys in the future as well, In fact I'm currently trying to figure out how I should do my next review haha.

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