ZNN Turns 6 Months Old!

Amazing artwork, as usual, by Quirky-Middle-Child and Sendrax! And the video effects and banner is by Danny Grey!

You know what an awesome feeling is?  Coming home from a long day at work, and celebrating something great!  Seriously, 6 Months???  That is insane!  I honestly thought that the hype surrounding Zootopia would have died down by now, but no!  There’s still so much stuff that we want to feature, and more stuff being made every day!

We’re a fully fledged fandom, unique and distinct from the general “Disney” fandom.  We have our own in-jokes, our own fanon characters, and enough comics and fan-art to fill a whole movie, using each image for a single frame!

And through all of this amazingness, ZNN has grown and prospered!  This random idea for a blog I had back in March has gotten so much larger than I ever could have anticipated, in a much shorter timeframe!  Your support has been invaluable, and while I’ve said it on here again and again, I’m going to say it on this occasion too.

Thank you.  Thank you all!

If you want to stay up-to-date with ZNN on all the various social media platforms we’re on, be sure to check us out!  We’ve got our own page on Tumblr, PinterestTwitter, Facebook, and we collaborate with the Zootopians facebook page.  On top of that, not only do we have a Patreon for those who want to support us financially, we are also affiliated with Zootopia.Rocks, which, if you don’t know, is a fan-made forum for general discussion of all things Zootopia!

So come see what we’re up to over on those places!  Give our Social Butterflies some love!  Nathan operates the Tumblr page, Shadow runs the Facebook page, SteamPoweredFox runs the Zootopians page, and Otto runs the twitter!  (spoiler: Otto is a bot which is why the twitter is less personalized than the other two major social networks)

Thank you all for a wonderful six months, and here’s to a phenomenal year!

And, as always, remember…

Try Everything!

-Andy Lagopus


  1. Man, I remember when this thing started and I thought you were crazy. Now I'm over here working with you and trying my best to make sure we provide the best services and content we can. Things really can change in a measly 6 months.

  2. Really appreciate all the work you guys do. Not only do you bring great content that I'd probably have never found, you let me read content originally written in other content that'd probably never be translated!

  3. Happy 6 Months! It is hard to believe so much time has passed, and this website is the reason I find so much good stuff on Zootopia. Thank you Andy, and the rest of the ZNN staff.

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