Today’s Translated Comics: Cake Cutting | These Days (Comic by Ahiru621)

Aren’t birthdays beautiful? But it looks like Judy is having trouble cutting the cake. Well, what does she expect with such a big knife? Lucky for her, Nick is there to help her out. But, a man and a woman cutting a cake together… Doesn’t that mean something more?

Anyway, todays comics are by Ahiru621 from tumblr. As always, thanks to MillerWong for translating “Cake Cutting” and thanks to LMAbacus and gfcwfzkm for translating and editing “These Days” for us. You can find the originals for Cake Cutting and These Days on Ahiru’s tumblr and get your translated comic after the break! Remember to read it from right-to-left!

Cake Cutting
These Days


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