You Think You Know Zootopia?

Since you’ve visiting this site, you’re probably looking at the title and going “Yes.  Yes I do.”  And you’re probably right.  But even I didn’t know one or two of the things included in this video, such as the quote from Peter Mansbridge about voicing the moose news anchor.

I’d definitely say it’s worth a watch.  Thank you ScreenCrush for making these videos with some really neat trivia.

Check it out after the break!  Who knows, you might learn something!


  1. The only thing I didn't know was the multiple cities Zootopia drew inspiration from. I only thought New York City and London were the only ones.

  2. Everything (get it!!?!?) except the Shakira thing at the end (maybe that was in one of the trivia videos I've watched before, I don't know…) and I didn't memorize all the little details.

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