Zootopia still selling better than Batman V Superman


I feel bad for Batman Vs. Superman.  It was supposed to be DC’s big movie-that-spawns-a-franchise. It was supposed to restore the reputation of Warner Bros Live Action Superhero films.  It was supposed to be an epic showdown between two of comic’s most beloved superheroes eventually bringing the Justice League together in the cinema for the first time!

But this dark, gritty, action-packed showdown has just been panned so hard by audiences everywhere.  And while it did set records, they weren’t the sort that anyone would want to earn.  Such as having a larger drop in second-weekend audience size than Batman and Robin.

And while Marvel releases Captain America: Civil War to mass acclaim and praise, their parent company, Disney, is still kicking Warner Bros’ butt without even trying.

…This is all a kind of roundabout way of saying that Zootopia made 3 times as much money as Batman V Superman this last weekend, despite being out for 3-4 weeks longer than BvS.  That doesn’t happen very often.

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