Well, ZFV was kind of disappointing.

That was… much lamer than I was hoping for, to be perfectly honest.

Still, I guess it wasn’t a TOTAL waste.  There were two (very tiny) bits of original stuff.  Check after the break for the interesting bits, and for the official youtube video (which is actually kinda funny in a way they definitely didn’t intend.)

[Update] They removed the video with no audio.  Darn it.

[Update 2] And they posted the version with audio.  Check it out here or after the break.

I’m sure you guys will find some… interesting… ways to edit this bit.

And there was also this.

How long has he been standing there?  Could he be arrested for loitering at this point?
I honestly don’t know what I was expecting.  When ABC said they were bringing Gazelle onto Dancing with the Stars, it was a very small animation stuck on the top layer of the video.  Now this is basically just a 60 second ad for the blu-ray release.
But it’s not a total comedic loss.  Watch the video for yourself and see.

Don’t worry, your computer isn’t broken.  Nothing is wrong on your end- it’s all on theirs.  They uploaded their video without the primary audio track.

As someone who has done quite a bit of audio/video editing, I find that to be the funniest part of all of this.  How they mess up something that simple is beyond me.

They fixed it.

Better luck next time, ABC.


  1. That's funny, but I guess I wasn't expecting anything else – it's too early for new animation or anything like that and the crew must be hardworking with Moana at the moment, but wow.. why hype it so much if it's just an ad? 😛

    What's that about Gazelle in singing with the stars? I need to see.

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