Introducing Zootopia.Rocks, a forum for all things Zootopia!

Zootopia Rocks!  In fact, it rocks so hard that an awesome team of people have put together a forum called Zootopia Rocks, at Zootopia.Rocks (I didn’t even know you could end a website in .Rocks)!

So what is Zootopia.Rocks?  Well, the premise behind it is this:  The Zootopia fandom is awesome.  But, we’re scattered over many different platforms like Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Deviantart, etc.  That’s not really a problem, but it does lead to some things just getting missed.  It’s hard to show off something you worked hard to create if you know that it’ll just get lost in the constant stream of content.

Zootopia.Rocks is a permanent forum, where you can post your work and get feedback, critique, and appreciation without having to worry that nobody will see it after a day in the spotlight.  It’s for the artists, the musicians, the writers, and all other types of content creators.

Not only that, but it’s for the fans in general- a place to hang out and discuss theories, ideas, projects, or just chill.  On Zootopia.Rocks, Anyone can be Anything.

We look forward to seeing you there!



  1. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Kissing Game – Zootopia Games 2016
    Enjoy a new kissing game featuring your characters from Zootopia, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. They are living a love story and you can take part to their love adventures. They want to share their love and kiss everywhere. You can help them kiss without be caught. Help Judy and Nick live their love story. Have fun!

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